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Begin the work | Intro

We help you begin,
and finish what you've begun,
so you can begin, again.

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Book One | Begin

To begin is to progress.

Lesson #1: Life is not a marathon... Life is training for a marathon. We are too focused on the race ahead of us that we forget to enjoy the work before us. It's time to begin the work and enjoy the work.

Lesson #2: The why before the what. It's important to have a north star, a direction, or a goal. But don't let that goal be too myopic, too defined, or too constrained. A vision for why you are trying to do, solve, build, create, or say must be sold, shared, and buried in the hearts of people so that it can grow into the what.

Book Two | Begun

Power through the messy middles.

Lesson #1: There be dragons... This chapter looks directly at the individual and speaks to the needed effort to work on yourself to become a valued member of your team. The hero's goal is to slay the dragon in the tower, but it is in the journey the hero is made. As experiences and hardship carve off the vanities and humbles the hero into their authentic self.

Lesson #2: How to see, scale, and soar off of every obstacle. This chapter will focus on how to turn obstacles into opportunities. Hint… it’s a mindset, not a process. Some try to pivot when obstacles come in their way, and that may be an option. Good teams don't pivot until they fail, rather, they try to understand what might be coming, so that when it comes they are ready to soar towards the next opportunity.

Book Three | Begin, again

Finished or failed, now what?

Lesson #1: You've Failed. Not every project is successful, some fizzle quickly, others explode monumentally, and even others die a slow tired death. This chapter focuses on how you embrace failure and move on, we’ve already discussed failing forward fast in development practices, now it’s time to incarnate this ideal, when you’re at the depths of a failed enterprise.

Lesson #2: You've Shipped. This chapter is focused on celebrating the launch of a product or a delivery of the project. Take time and create space to recollect on what got you here, then you learned and re-aim your business or team towards the next big milestone.

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