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Helping you begin and finish what you've begun so you can begin, again.

Hello. Welcome to Begin the work. This project has come about out of my experience in building and launching digital and physical experiences over the last 15 years of professional work in Product Management. I am passionate about spurring you forward in your creative journey! I've spent 20 years building in multiple frameworks, but prefer a more agile approach in delivering experiences to drive revenue and build trust.

My name is Sam DuRegger, and I have delivered omni-channel experiences at high growth startups, small businesses, publicly traded corporate environments, FinTech's and in public service with the State of Oklahoma. Begin the work, LLC, is where I am able to apply my experience and knowledge to help you begin the work.

Experience and Competencies

Brand Presence

More than logos, fonts, and marks -- I craft authentic brand presence and actionable design systems to enable strong digital positioning in ever-evolving markets.

  • Logo & Branding
  • UX/Visual Design
  • Design System
  • Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation

Transformation is slow and difficult work, not shiny new distractions. I have helped large enterprises spark the momentum required for foundational change built for the long-term.

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Product Roadmaps

Product Management

Product is a mindset. I've worked with global brands innovating on new platforms, as well as responsibility for refreshing stale citizen experiences within State Lines.

  • Competitive Landsace
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Moonshot Ideation
  • Experience Optimization
BEGIN the work, LLC

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