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An introduction to BEGIN the Podcast

Yes, I seriously did record this three times... I'm a writer, not a talker.
The best place to find my writings in an organized fashion is on Medium, I mainly publish essays or prose covering: digital innovation, creativity, culture, and theology.

Sam DuRegger: Website | Bio | Blog | Quotes

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Vault 405 in Edmond
Check out the Podcast rental booth at Vault 405 in Edmond, it's got four mics, a sound mixer, computer and a zoom recorder. All you need to record high quality Podcasts without buying all the equipment, and setting up a soundproof room in your basement or garage.

Features: 4 Microphones, 4 Headphones, Audio Mixer, Zoom Audio Recorder, A/C Adapter, 27″ iMac, and training is available

Rates: hourly rate is $25, half a day (4 hours) is $100, or all day (8 hours) is $175.

Book via or Citizens Bank of Edmond.

Woodshed Coffee & Tea
All coffee & tea is provided by Woodshed Coffee & Tea

You can find Woodshed connected to BlueSeven on Grand and May in NW Oklahoma City, or click here for directions and follow us on Instagram.

Screaming Pods Network by Sean DuRegger
Sean is my big brother and dominates all things related to speaking, orating, and talking into a mic. As kids we shared a room and all through middle school and high school, Sean was the incessant talker and I was the quiet one writing shit down. We are as different as two brothers could be. Love ya bro!

You can find his audiobook work at Screaming Pods VO, his Podcast network at Screaming Pods, and him directly on on Instagram.

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